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Royal Munster Fusiliers 1915 hallmarked silver rifle sweetheart brooch

An extremely rare First World War brooch, S.M.L.E rifle mounted with Royal Munster Fusiliers badge, the reverse bearing Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1915 and maker's details "A.Bros". Very good mint condition, all complete with sling, original pin fittings and gold plated finish to the front of the badge, an excellent example.
Width 51mm.
Height 17mm.

Code: 11729


Royal Munster Fusiliers gold regimental sweetheart brooch

A rare fine quality early brooch, the reverse impressed "9ct" (9 carat gold) and maker's details "Ce & Fd" (Constantine & Floyd) a pre 1900 mark before they became Limited. Good condition, original pin fittings.
Height 30mm.

Code: 11332


Royal Munster Fusiliers old comrades association badge

A scarce gilt and enamel badge, the reverse impressed "The Aldershot Stores". Very good condition, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel.
Height 35mm.

Code: 11330