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WW1 1st Life Guards 'Honour the Brave' Sweetheart Brooch.

A rare First World War period '1st Life Guards' sweetheart brooch, regimental badge mounted on Crowned laurel wreath and bearing ribbon scroll below 'Honour the Brave' all with a bronze finish. Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings.
Height 29mm.

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1st Life Guards white faced enamel sweetheart brooch

A very rare First World War period large gilt and enamel '1st Life Guards sweetheart brooch'. Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings and perfect enamel, gilt remains fresh, an excellent example.
Height 33mm.

Code: 12467


Edwardian 1st Life Guards regimental brooch

A rare turn of the 20th Century '1st Life Guards regimental brooch' of the finest quality unmarked 'yellow metal'. The Regimental device of entwined initials, with "1" above is mounted against a rich red translucent enamel panel, encircled by the Garter in blue enamel. Good condition, minor service wear to the enamel.
Width 44mm.
Height 25mm.

Code: 10416

200.00 GBP

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