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1st (Royal) Dragoons, 1911 Hallmarked Silver, Antique Regimental Sweetheart Brooch.

A rare '1st Royal Dragoons' hollow silver sweetheart brooch, the Eagle resting on '105' plinth with title scroll below, mounted upon a sabre, the reverse bearing Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1911. Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings.
Width 47mm.
Height 26mm.

The eagle is borne by the Regiment to commemorate the capture of the French standard of the 105th Regiment of the Line at Waterloo by Captain Clark (later Lieutenant General Sir Alexander Kennedy Clarke-Kennedy) and Corporal Styles.

Code: 12785


1st Royal Dragoons gilt and enamel sweetheart brooch

A rare First World War period large gilt and enamel '1st Royal Dragoons sweetheart brooch' with beautiful enamelling and following the style of the cap badge. Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel, minor wear to gilt finish otherwise an excellent example.
Height 37mm.

This is part of First World War sweetheart brooch collection all in superb condition.

Code: 12470


1st Royal Dragoons 1901 hallmarked silver regimental brooch

A rare hollow silver ornate Boer War Royal Dragoons sweetheart brooch, the reverse bearing Birmingham hallmarks for 1901 and maker's details "F.N" (F. Narborough Birmingham). Very good condition, original pin fittings, no dents or distortion, very minor polishing to high points.
Width 55mm.
Height 28mm.

Code: 11801


1st Royal Dragoons gold regimental brooch

A very rare short lived 1915 to 1919 pattern brooch, the reverse impressed "9ct" (9 carat gold). Good condition, very minor enamel damage to top of title strap.
Width 38mm.
Height 27mm.

Code: 11452


1st Royal Dragoons silver and marcasite regimental sweetheart brooch

A scarce 1948-69 pattern example, the reverse impressed "835" (silver purity mark) and finely decorated with marcasite stones. Very good condition, original pin fittings incorporating safety catch, all stones present.
Height 31mm.

Code: 10964