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WW1 South Staffordshire Regiment Mother of Pearl Sweetheart Brooch.

A good original Great War period 'South Staffordshire Regiment sweetheart brooch' in the form of a gilt and enamel badge mounted onto a mother of pearl disc. Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings, enamel intact.
Diameter 29mm.

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WW2 South Staffordshire Regiment Silver and Enamel Sweetheart Bow Brooch.

A beautiful Second War period 'South Staffordshire Regiment sweetheart brooch', suspended from a blue enamel bow, so typical of the period, the reverse impressed "Silver" to both parts. Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings, no stress marks or damage to the enamel, an excellent example.
Height 33mm.


Code: 13960


South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion, 1905 Hallmarked Gold Regimental Sweetheart Brooch.

A scarce Edwardian period 'South Staffordshire Regiment sweetheart brooch; small delicate 'Stafford Knot' resting on the numerals "LXXX" still retaining a Queen Victoria Crown and mounted on a curled end bar typical of this period, the pin impressed with 9 carat gold hallmarked for 1905 and maker's details "C.P". Very good condition, badge detached from bar left side (price reflects).
Width 33mm.
Height 14mm.

South Staffordshire Regiment formed in 1881 from the amalgamation of the 38th Foot (1st Battalion) and the 80th Foot (2nd Battalion).

Code: 13324


WW1 South Staffordshire Regiment 15ct Gold, Diamond & Enamel Regimental Sweetheart Brooch.

A superb quality First World War period 'South Staffordshire Regiment sweetheart brooch; crowned 'Stafford Knot' resting on a blue enamel scroll inscribed "South Staffordshire", the Crown enhanced with five small diamonds; the reverse impressed "15" (15 carat gold). Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, enamel perfect to the scroll, very minor nick to the crown.
Height 23mm.
Width 33mm.

Code: 13119

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WW1 South Staffordshire Regiment silver mizpah sweetheart brooch

A scarce First World War hollow silver example, reverse bearing Birmingham hallmarks for 1914 and makers details "C & S". Good condition, original pin fitting, professional replacement hook, minor dent to reverse.
Width 47mm.

Code: 11139


South Staffordshire Regiment 1914 silver sweetheart brooch

A good scarce example, reverse with Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1914 and makers mark F.N. (Frederick Narborough). Remains in good condition.
Height 33mm.

Code: 10798

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South Staffordshire Regiment gold regimental sweetheart brooch

A fine quality scarce Great War period South Staffordshire Regiment gold sweetheart brooch, the reverse impressed 9ct (9 carat gold). Remains in very good condition, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel.
Width 50mm.

Code: 10779

140.00 GBP

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