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Victorian '1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment' 1895 Hallmarked Hollow Silver Antique Regimental Brooch.

A rare original Victorian antique ''1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment sweetheart brooch'; large ornate hollow silver example the reverse bearing Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1895 and maker's details "R&W" (Reynolds & Westwood Birmingham). Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no dents or distortion complete with all baubles, an unique example.
Diameter 44mm.

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WW1 Gloucestershire Regiment White Faced Enamel Regimental Sweetheart Brooch.

A scarce First World War period 'Gloucestershire Regiment large white faced enamel sweetheart brooch', this example with yellow enamel shield and blue title scroll. Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, gilt remains fresh, enamel perfect except for manufacturers hairline.
Height 32mm.


Code: 13271


WW2 Gloucestershire Regiment Paste Diamond & Enamel Sweetheart Brooch by Ciro, London.

A superb Second World War period fine quality rhodium plated 'Gloucestershire Regiment sweetheart brooch' sphinx with vivid blue enamel 'Egypt' scroll, seated within a laurel wreath profusely set with paste diamonds, the reverse impressed "SCP" "England" (Ciro, London). Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings incorporating safety roller catch, complete with all stones, enamel flacked each end of 'Gloucestershire' scroll, otherwise a exceptional example.
Width 32mm.
Height 24mm.

Code: 12800


Gloucestershire Regiment hollow silver sweetheart brooch

A fine quality rare Victorian '1st Gloucestershire Regiment' sweetheart brooch, the reverse with maker's details "F.N' (F.Narborough Birmingham) . Very good condition, original pin fittings, no dents or distortions.
Diameter 38mm.

Code: 11855


Gloucestershire Regiment gilt and enamel sweetheart brooch

A good Second World War gilt and enamel brooch, very good condition, original pin fittings (replacement pin), no damage to the enamel, gilt fresh.
Width 34mm.
Height 24mm.

Code: 11625


WW1 12th Bn Gloucestershire Regiment sweetheart brooch

A rare 12th (Service) (Bristol) Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment sweetheart brooch, rolled gold wire on mother of pearl, a swastika suspended below a good luck symbol in those days, Remains in good condition, original pin fittings. Width 50mm.

Formed at Bristol by the Citizens Recruiting Committee on 30 Aug 1914. Joined the 95th Brigade, 32nd Division.

Code: 10816


Gloucestershire Regiment 1915 silver sweetheart brooch

A good example, the reverse with London silver hallmarks for 1915 and maker's details "C.Brs.". Good condition, original pin fittings, patina with a good shine.
Diameter 27mm.

Code: 10782


WW1 Gloucestershire Regiment silver and enamel sweetheart brooch

A scarce First World War period 'Gloucestershire Regiment sweetheart brooch, the reverse impressed "Sterling". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel.
Width 24mm.

Code: 10780